Terebratalia additional in situ of treated embryos 

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wnt1 azak control (0.1 ng/µL)

mid blastula to larva

engrailed azak control (0.1 ng/µL)

mid blastula to larva

pax6 azak control (0.1 ng/µL)

mid blastula to larva

wnt1  azak 10µM

mid blastula

pax6 azak 1µM

mid blastula

engrailed azak control

early blastula

engrailed azak control

mid blastula

wnt1 dmh1 engrailed dmh1 pax6 dmh1
wnt1 dmh1 control engrailed dmh1 control pax6 dmh1 control

Started in situ as normal. Except dmh1 wells stayed in protk for 15 min and not 10… last 5 minutes in the nutator, so they maybe are a bit digested.


Added probes around 1700.


Hybe washes. Dorsomorphin embryos started to dissolve in the SSC and I switched to gentle mode. By the end of the day there was not much left, but a few embryos survived. Added anti-dig-ap and left overnight.


Antibody washes went fine and started developing at 1500.

Only relatively normal well developing was dorsomorphin pax6 and some dmh1 controls, but it seems that the embryos have been overly digested. Epidermis looks bad.

Switched the AP once and let overnight.


Some signal is appearing in some controls, but overall it still looks bad. Exchanged AP at 1000, 1530 and X.