Membranipora temporary MEK inhibitor

Trying to understand better the effect of U0126 on Membranipora development I am starting a treatment with long pulses of the inhibitor first. Inhibitor will be washed every 8h.

DMSO control 10 µM U0126
10 µM U0126 washed after 9.5h 10 µM U0126 washed after 19h


Interestingly, constant concentration shows reduced phenotype as usual, but the sample that was washed after 9h shows a higher number of relatively control like embryos. This might indicate that the effect of the MAPK inhibitor is either reversible, or, most probably, or unrelated to the observed phenotype which might be only a toxic general effect of the drug.

Fixed one plate at 24h. The other for 48h.


Same as previous sample. 9.5 hpa showed a higher proportion of normal larva then the 19hpa or the constant treatment. Fixwed with 4 % FA at RT for 1h.