Brachiopod in situ

In situ for additional Terebratalia frizzleds and repeating some Novocrania for better pictures.

Nano engrailed wnt1 wnt5 dlx pax258
Ttra frizzled 5/8 frizzled 7 dcr1b tdr1 ago

Started in situ with standard procedures. 8 min protk for Novocrania and 10 min for Terebratalia.


Added probes, embryos look good.


Washing day. Everything went as usual and put antibody around 18h.


Washed with PBT several times berween 10-15 min. Then PTw 30 min washes. Started developing.

Stopped Nano dlx after 2h30min because it was done, as well as Ttra fz5/8. The rest continued developing. fz7 got pinkish really fast


fz7 and ago got really dark. I don’t know if it is background or signal, even though it looks like there is real signal within the background. I stopped them as well as engrailed and pax258, which look better than the last in situ.


Stopped wnt1, wnt5 dcr1b, tdr1. Novocrania samples are looking dark ugly already…


Trying to clear out some of the background from fz7 and ago… letting in ethanol for many hours.