Vivo-Morpholino next with pronase and electroporation

Considering my last observations of the vivo-morpholinos I’m setting up a new experiment using a lower concentration of pronase, electroporating twice (because I could not figure out how to do longer pulses), and properly washing out the pronase after 1h. Default settings:

Vivo-Morpholino: 25 µM
Pronase: 5 µg/mL
Washing after: 1h
Electroporation: 50 V, 25 µF, 1000 resistance
Actual pulses:

CTRL FSW CTRL Pronase EN TB Pronase EN SB Pronase WNT1 TB Pronase WNT1 SB Pronase
CTRL Electroporation EN TB Electroporation EN SB Electroporation WNT1 TB Electroporation WNT1 SB Electroporation