Phallacidin staining for Novocrania and Membranipora 

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Stain Novocrania and Membranipora with phallacidin then mount in TDE and glycerol, respectively (phallacidin has to be working in Membranipora to help with the phenotype description).

Novocrania to be mounted in TDE:

Novocrania mixed stages

Membranipora to be mounted in glycerol:

Mmem control Mmem U0126 1µM
Mmem U0126 10µM Mmem U0126 25µM

Put in TDE and glycerol today.


Mount slides for confocal:

  • Novocrania mixed stages in TDE+DAPI.
  • Membranipora each treatment in glycerol+DAPI.
  • Novocrania failed in situs in glycerol+DAPI for morphology.


Confocal day.