Terebratalia in situ for FGFR, Frizzleds and others

Starting an in situ for additional Terebratalia genes related to the segmentation project. Also a double with wnt1+wnt5.

FGFR Pax2/5/8 Frizzled2 Frizzled4
Frizzled10 LFNG ALDH2 Wnt1+Wnt5


Put probe.


Washed in situ and added anti-dig-ap 1:5000 to the first seven genes and anti-dig-pod 1:250 for the double fluorescent.


  • Washed antibody.
  • Set Cy3 TSA to double fluorescent for 1h45.
  • Started developing regular NBT/BCIP at 16h.
  • Stopped Fz2 around 20h, let the rest overnight.


  • Stopped FGFR and Fz4. Let the rest continue, almost stopped Pax2/5/8, since it is almost there.


  • Ethanol washes.
  • Glycerol added.