Extraction of Membranipora neuropeptides

Collected thousands of cyphonautes larvae from early (3d) to older than a week into a plastic syringe with 5 µm mesh immersed in FSW. Once all the larvae were concentrated I immersed the syringe in mqH2O and pipetted the larvae to a clean extraction tube with 300 µL of extraction buffer.

I used the screwdriver with a pistil to intensively smash the larvae and completed the volume of the tube with extraction buffer. Tube was vortexed for 2 minutes and spinned down for 20 min at 4 °C. Supernatant was transferred to a clean tube and kept at -20 °C.

I noticed that the larvae were not completely into pieces (although they were crushed), but I did what I could do with the screwdriver.