Meara in situ for RNA binding proteins 

Starting in situ with mixed stages of Meara. 15 min protk.

ago a ago b boule bruno a
gus a mago orb2 staufen


Added probes.


First day of washes. Some small juveniles have ripped tissues. I guess the 15min protk is too much for them, the rest looks ok.


Regular 5 PBT and 5 PTw antibody washes. Kept rocking in cold room.


Developing day. Stopped argonaute after ~3h, they were becoming too dark. Bruno, Staufen are clearly there. Boule is weaker, but something. The rest there is nothing. Putting new AP in cold room.


In addition to Argonaute I also stopped Bruno, Staufen and Orb2 before going to the collection trip. The rest are developing overnight a bit more (also included Orb2 to develop overnight.