Probe synthesis for Lineus et al.

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Started a probe pcr for synthesizing the following probes of Lineus ruber, Priapulus caudatus, and Terebratalia transversa:

Species Gene ID Probe Kit
Lineus ruber foxa BV196 SP6
Lineus ruber six3/6 BV199 SP6
Lineus ruber cdx BV204 SP6
Lineus ruber gsc BV205 T7
Priapulus caudatus tdr BV34 T7
Priapulus caudatus mael BV35 SP6
Priapulus caudatus gmcl BV183 T7
Terebratalia transversa runx2 BV166 SP6


Run gel.


Dna extraction.


Transcription reaction + precipitation.



Lr foxa 688,23
Lr six3/6 383,21
Lr cdx 303,11
Lr gsc 501,31
Pc tdr 3853,39
Pc mael 97,89
Pc gmcl 2287,30
Tt runx2 345,39