Membranipora in situ Syt1a and Nanos 

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In situ with Membranipora for testing the newly fixed material with glutaraldehyde. I’m using 4 conditions and 2 genes:

ProtK Time Gene Gene
0.5x 10 min Syt1a Nanos
0.5x 20 min Syt1a Nanos
1x 20 min Syt1a Nanos
2x 20 min Syt1a Nanos


Developing the in situ. Wells with nanos already showing the background all around with no difference from treatments. Synaptotagmin looks more promising, no background still. First well seems to have a slight purpleish regions, but others are plain white. Exchanged the AP twice and let it overnight in cold room.


Nanos is completely background. On syt1a I think there is signal in the last two treatments (1x and 2x). The lighter treatments seem to have some background. I exchanged the AP twice and will stop the reaction today.


It seems that synaptotagmin works.