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Fixation of 2 d old L. ruber embryos for in situ and confocal. I dissected half of 2 egg masses for fixation and keeping the respective halves to follow further development. Fixed using the established protocol for fixing nemertean embryos.

1. Remove outer case of the egg mass keeping the jelly with the bundles attached.
2. Immerse the jelly+bundles in 5% cysteine freshly made for 5 min rocking (can be increased if jelly is still sticky, but not too long since cystein can damage the embryos).
3. Use a large pipet to pipet up and down to release the bundles from the jelly.
4. Using needles remove the remaining bundles from the jelly and wash 2x in FSW.
5. Open individual bundles to release the embryos.
6. Proceed with regular fixation protocol for in situ or confocal.

Took me about 1h30 to reach step 6… Wondering if this could be done faster.