Probe synthesis for Mm Vasa, Nanos, Piwi1, Piwi2 and Tt Vasa, Nanos, Piwib

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Running a probe PCR for germ line genes of Membranipora (again) and Terebratalia (see table below). Setup is the same as a colony PCR, but doubling the amount (50µL) and using 3 µL of plasmid DNA. I extracted the bands and purified the DNA.

Membranipora probe pcr for nanos, piwi2, vasa, and piwi1Terebratalia probe pcr for vasa, nanos, and piwib


This is the gel with the purified yield and the nanodrop measures.
Purified dna from probe pcr of Mm and Tt germ genes


Transcription reaction initiated at 11h, tubes put in the cycler using incubate function at 37 °C.


Finished the probe synthesis and stored in hybe buffer diluted 50 ng/µL.

Probe specs
ID Gene Probe Kit Probe PCR ng/µL  Probe ng/µL
BV3 MmNanos SP6 881.0 1283.41
BV6 MmPiwi2 SP6 745.1 1149.77
BV91 MmVasa SP6 586.9 477.97
BV94 MmPiwi1 SP6 571.3 902.3
BV96 TtVasa SP6 517.8 572.53
BV100 TtNanos SP6 582.4 1158.87
BV103 TtPiwib SP6 651.8 493.36