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Dissected half of an egg mass keeping the egg bundles and half releasing the individual embryos. Relaxed in MgCl2 and fixed for 1h at 4°C. Normal protocol. Individual eggs look very nice and do not attach to the bottom or become disrupted. Egg bundles are a bit sticky, but after adding methanol the membrane contracts a lot, some even were disrupted; had no problem to detach the sticky ones after methanol for storage.

Tried dissolving the sticky jelly inside the with L-Cysteine at 1%. Added first half of the volume them more. After 5 minutes the jelly was less flexible, but still sticky. Added ~1mL of 10% cysteine and the jelly dissolved almost instantly. Need to find the appropriate timing and concentration so that the embryos are not damaged. I did not relaxed before, but maybe should add MgCl2 with the cysteine. Egg bundles looked normal, maybe some eggs were sligthly disrupted, but could be from the egg mass. After methanol addition the membrane contracted as usual and embryos were kind of compressed.