MiniPrep for Membranipora MAEL F2, PUM, TUDOR

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Picked positive colonies to grow. 9 samples on shake to grow at 16:30.


Sequencing reaction at 12:00 and tubes dropped by the sequencing facility at 15:00.

ID Gene Vector Quality Probe Kit
BV7 MAEL F2 T7  bad  –
BV8 MAEL F2 T7  ok  SP6
BV9 MAEL F2 T7  ok  SP6
BV10 PUM T7  ok  SP6
BV11 PUM T7  ok  T7
BV12 PUM T7  ok  T7
BV13 TUDOR T7  ok  T7
BV14 TUDOR T7  ok  T7
BV15 TUDOR T7  ok  T7
BV16 MAEL F2 SP6  bad  –
BV17 MAEL F2 SP6  ok  SP6
BV18 MAEL F2 SP6  ok  SP6
BV19 PUM SP6  ok  SP6
BV20 PUM SP6  ok  T7
BV21 PUM SP6  ok  T7
BV22 TUDOR SP6  ok  T7
BV23 TUDOR SP6  ok  T7
BV24 TUDOR SP6  ok  T7


Sequences came back.