Selection of germline candidate genes

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Larvae of bryozoans have blastemic cells that remain undifferentiated (or pluripotent? or else? check!) until metamorphosis when they are assigned and build the different adult tissues. Set-aside cells are quite common in organisms with biphasic life cycle and normally are reserved during larval development to differentiate into the larval body (see (10.1002/bies.950190713) for discussion).

The question now is to check if the germ cell differentiation and stem cell maintenance in these blastemic tissues of bryozoan larvae are bound to common germ line genes and developmental context. Also, how this compare to other larvae (which ones? get some references).

First step is to look for the presence and localization of expressed genes in bryozoans embryos. For this candidate genes related to germ line development were selected, mostly from Kerner et al. 2011 (10.1093/molbev/msr046) by searching PubMed gene database for human orthologs. Human sequences are better annotated and thus, good candidate genes (Joe S9, 2011). The selected genes are:

It is a good idea to scan for different stem cell related genes, specially RNA-binding proteins.